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What About Value of My Item

Value is a very sensitive subject.  If a large store sells an item for $400 they probably paid $280 for the item from the manufacturer.  There's no way a pawn shop could give someone $300 for that item just based on that.  A more realistic value for a shop to loan on would be around $150 for a few reasons.  IF the item shows signs of wear or scratches it could be much less.  If the item is not a popular seller in a store it may effect the value also.  IF an item is several years old it could be of no value to pawn shop or much less also.  ALL these factors and more come into play when we value an item.  At the end of the day if you do a loan on an item and come back to pick it up then the value is back in your hands which is what makes every pawn shop work best. 

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